Denver has the largest zombie crawl in the country. Every year a group of us get together and go all out on a design. We treat it like a production, complete with production meetings and a tight deadline. I design the costumes, as well as do the makeup design and application. All items start as new, most of which are custom built. Some elements are purchased, then distressed and painted to give each piece a unique custom feel.

Each year we placed first in the competitions entered.

Alice in Wonderland 2014

For this design we were inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the Walking Dead. I loved the idea of Alice plummeting down the rabbit hole to not just find a world of wonder but one of horror. She first slays the white rabbit, then continues her journey by capturing the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts!

Zombie Crawl on Steroids. Well done Meredith.

William Forsche

Marionette 2013

This design was inspired by the Pagliacci zombie I had done in 2012. We thought of a Puppet master that had recently lost a daughter (dark, I know).  He began working on a replica of the doll, that came back to life… think Pet Cemetery.

Pagliacci 2012

I had always wanted to do a creepy clown, but couldn’t just do a normal carnival clown. I was very inspired from a show I had done in the past with Pagliacci in it, The Glorious Ones. I am also very short, so that adds a whole other level of creepy.