I recently did a program with Monster Makeup FX Stuido. We had the privilege of learning from amazing artists, some include: Jordu Schell, William Forsche, Rob Burman, and Todd Debreceni. We learned about the entire process from design to life casting and sculpting. My experience with costume design and craftwork really helped me in this process. I am very familiar with a deadline and having to work fast and efficiently to get the job done!


Meredith Murphy is a hard working and exceptionally professional artist comfortable with tight deadlines. She is highly adaptable and has an eye for detail rarely seen. She follows direction well, responds to feedback, pushes beyond base requirements and on top of it all is calm under pressure, friendly and easy to work with.

"Monster" Midian Crosby

Photo credit: Midian Crosby and Norman Dillon

Model: Cougar Littlefield

Body Painting

I took a couple of body painting workshops with Sophia Rose at her studio, Xcentricity Body Painting. I am excited to find more models to practice this wonderful art form!

Photo Credit: Sophia Rose

Model: Rachel Graham